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chef's table, private dining

What is Vemakase?

Vemakase is a unique Japanese dining experience,

created by the chef's sons, that blends vegan cuisine with the traditional omakase concept.

It is a 4-7 course Kaiseki meal where chef Joyce chooses each dish based on the freshest ingredients available, reflecting her skills and creativity.


What is Omakase?

The customer entrusts the chef to select and serve a series of dishes, with the term "omakase" meaning "I'll leave it up to you" in Japanese.

The intimate experience often involves sitting at a counter facing the chef.


Our menu

Our current menu is inspired by the ancient Japanese/Korean culinary tradition of Shojin Ryori, known for its clean and natural flavors.

It Is perfect for Jain and allium-free diets, as well as those seeking oil-free, low-salt, and sugar-free options.

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