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Although born in the era of blooming & transforming in IT, brain washed by advertising and overwhelmed usage of plastic, Joyce’s soul was long born back before that, back in a simpler time before global warming, before massive plastic pollution, before all the artificial human pollution in the world, where things were all natural, sustainable, back to basics.


Perhaps it was the experience studying abroad in Canada, that freedom of speech, freedom to pursue one’s burning passion, freedom to do whatever the heart deems desirable, Joyce had always wanted to break out of the norm, doing what’s true to her heart and philosophy. Always had a passion towards sustainability and cooking, she then embarked on a long fruitful journey to discover the world outside her comfort, learning new skills, gaining precious knowledge, experiencing fresh new things personally so that she can bring back to her home and create something, which would then become her chef table Back2Basic by J.C. 


From her journey in Hong Kong, she learned about eco enzyme & plastic wastes ; during her research study journey to Taiwan, Japan & Korea she learnt more about waste segregation, from her journey to Taiwan & HK, she learnt about traditional fermentation foods and technique, along with Buddhism Vegetarian Food, from her journey to South Africa, she learnt about culture and creating something out from only waste, from her journey to Nepal, she learnt about Buddhism, meditation, sound bath, spiritual awakening and being one with the nature.


With so much ideas and knowledge, she then began her home food business that specialises in fermentation before it became a trend, to say she was the pioneer in Singapore was no exaggeration. Being selfless and only had the sole purpose of helping to make a world a better place in mind, she then went on to volunteer and impart her precious knowledge to others through countless workshops in Singapore be it in schools, community clubs, local museums or even private sectors.


After building up numerous fans, followers and supporters over the years, she was then convinced by those very people to start something new, something fresh, something she had never done before. So after all these years of travels, she then went home and pondered, what if she were to actually fully utilize all these experiences, knowledge and skills, what could she possibly create?


She then came down to these 3 main values of her concept.


Firstly it has to be about sustainability and eco-friendly, to give the future generation a better future that they deserve. Secondly it has to be about physical health and mental health, where people can take a step back into nature and find happiness and serenity in its simplest form where they are. Thirdly it has to be about absolutely delicious food that is simply guilt-free that ANYONE and EVERYONE can enjoy. Piece by piece it all adds up slowly and becomes her dream establishment, the Back2Basic Vegan Micro Restaurant.


She is now the owner of Back2Basic Vegan Micro Restaurant at 3 South Buona Vista Road, #01-28, where every weekend you can see people bringing their pets and children down at the huge grass patch with the picnic mats, enjoying delicious food all while basking under the warmth of the Sun, staying true to its name Back2Basic.

Founder of J.C Cheng
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